Vodafone MTX Call Centre

Brief description of the works including contract style

Design and construction of the “purpose built” building to suit the needs of a Vodafone Mobile Telephone Exchange (MTX). An MTX is a structure accommodating the switching, billing, transmission and IT functions that support Vodafone’s GSM radio network. Due to the critical nature of their business, the design and construction standards of the facility had to ensure that the mobile telephone service was maintained under all circumstances. The design of the structure and services had to be sufficiently flexible to enable the incorporation of foreseeable technological developments to ensure that the best possible service would be provided to the customer.

The building consists of the following elements:

  • approx 250m2 of office space and amenities
  • complex services infrastructure to enable failsafe operation of the building with strict security controls
  • tilt up construction with suspended slab to provide required fire ratings and space for future expansion
  • 45m Communication Tower was located to the rear of the site.

This project won the Queensland Master Builders Award Gold Coast for Communications and Technology Building.

Experience obtained during Tom Forrester's tenure as General Manager of the construction division of a major publicly listed company.