Vodafone MTX & Co-located Data Centre

Brief description of the works including contract style

Design and Construction was carried out for the Vodafone MTX & Co-located Data Centre facility located in North Western suburbs of Sydney. This Facility for Vodafone is an impressive structure.

The structural design criteria set by the client, ensures a post disaster function of the facility. Tilt up panels, which were cast on site and a combination of precast floor panels and conventional suspended concrete slabs over the complete floor area encompass to critical computer rooms. This in conjunction with the complex electrical and mechanical plant and equipment ensures uninterrupted operation of the facility even in the event of a natural disaster.

The major components of the facility are the:

  • 1200m2 MTX room
  • 600m2 Data Centre
  • Over 1000m2 Office space
  • associated services rooms
  • area for future expansion

Vodafone helped to investigate several ‘environmental friendly’ designs alternatives that could be integrated into the facility while still maintaining the specific design requirements of Vodafone. This resulted in the following initiatives being included in the facility:

  • AAA environmentally rated fixtures and fittings
  • Recycled water in irrigation and toilets
  • Gross pollutant trap which minimises contaminates to surrounding wetlands and waterways
  • Multi zoning of the office areas using high efficiency A/C and after hours control of the Air-Conditioning system
  • Acoustic treatment of the air intake and exhaust of the Generators.
  • BMSC and C-Buss lighting control
  • Photo Electric sensor to the carpark and external perimeter lights
  • An environmentally friendly paint

Experience obtained during Tom Forrester's tenure as General Manager of the construction division of a major publicly listed company.