William Buck Centre

Recognised by the Australian Greenhouse Office as Australia’s first 4 ½ star Energy Rated Building.  This is a landmark building in Brisbane City and can be clearly identified by the solar panels on the outside of the building.

The William Buck Centre has incorporated an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to provide tenants with power generated from the buildings integrated photovoltaics.  Any power not used by the UPS is connected to the grid and goes towards reducing the building’s overall power bills.

The smart and efficient building was designed by Hassell Architects with valuable input from Integrated Energy Services.

  • Retail Section
  • Commercial  office space
  • Car parking

Brief description of the works including contract style

  • Design and Construct Commercial Office Building with 4.5 star
    energy rating
  • The building has been designed to accommodate premium grade services in an A Grade building with significant attention to data
    communication and cabling capacity along with adequate lift and
    A/C capability to accommodate people densities on 1:12.
  • World’s first Solar Integration System.
  • Australia’s first building integrated solar power project.
  • Australia’s first fully integrated, sustainable commercial building development, incorporating solar, energy, water and waste
    management minimisation strategies.
  • Australian best practice commercial building energy use.
  • Queensland’s first commercial building to achieve a 41/2 star
    greenhouse rating.
  • Australian best practice construction management incorporating
    waste minimisation strategies and recycling.

The William Buck Centre has been recognised by both the Federal and
Queensland Governments. Partnerships forged with the Australian
Greenhouse Office and the Queensland Environmental Protection
Authority assisted in the development of the groundbreaking project
and has subsequently led to changes in government policy.

This building won the:

  • National Master Builders Award for Environment and Energy
    Building Efficiency Award Commercial over $10 million;
  • State Master Builders Award for Commercial High Rise over
    $30 million;
  • State Master Builders Award Energy Aware;
  • South East Queensland Master Builders Award Excellence in
    Energy Aware Buildings;
  • South East Queensland Master Builders Award for Commercial
    High Rise over $10 million;
  • Property Council of Australia National Award in recognition of
    standards of excellence; and

Property Council State Winner in recognition of standards of excellence.

Experience obtained during Tom Forrester's tenure as General Manager of the construction division of a major publicly listed company.